why JOJE ABEBE ART Foundation?

Infertility is a major burden that affects one out of every 6 couples. The burden is further worsened in Nigeria, where a very high importance is placed on childbearing, and where the presence or absence of a child in a home can make the entire difference whether a marriage succeeds or fails.

Despite the increasing burden, the good news is that, there is treatment for virtually all cases of infertility. However, the sad reality is that the treatment is expensive and can only be afforded by couples who have the resources. The solution to infertility is available, but the access to the solution is severely restricted and limited principally by lack of finance.

Many simply can’t afford the cost of fertility treatment (Assisted reproductive technology). Also compounding the issue is the many times a couple have to carry out this treatment to be successful. Some are able to raise the money to pay for one cycle of treatment, but get stuck when the cycle fails and can’t proceed with more treatment cycles because their funds have been exhausted.

The JOJE ABEBE ART Foundation was established to amongst other things provide financial support to couples who can’t afford the cost of fertility treatment. Through financial grants from the foundation that covers up to 50% of cost; more couples will be able to afford treatment

It is hoped that with this grants, many will be inspired and motivated to start the journey to parenthood, which many because of cost have refused to start at all. The truth is that the dream of having children for couples who are trying to achieve conception is a journey, a journey that must be prepared for spiritually, financially, psychologically etc

The sad reality is that until this journey is successfully completed, it creates a dark place in your family and life; a constant reminder of a dream that is yet to be fulfilled, a limitation to your full expression of joy and happiness, a constant prayer point in all prayer meetings. The earlier the journey ends, and that chapter of our lives closes, the better for us.

I encourage all couples to set their priorities right, and give this desire and dream, the needed attention. It is a journey that you start, but can’t tell when it will end. Ours lasted six years. See this journey rather like a marathon race instead of a 100 meters dash. The two races are run differently. While one requires stamina, the other requires speed.

It is important to prepare for this journey like a marathon race, financially, psychologically. Until you succeed and end the journey with your dream realized, there is no given up.

There will be distractions, discouragement and oppositions. The most important distraction and limitation on this journey is a “failed cycle”. Many who did not prepare adequately financially and psychologically ended the journey here. Many patients will have one failed cycle, and that is the end. The next time they are coming will be after some years, thereby prolonging the journey.

Dealing with a failed treatment cycle can be extremely difficult. Many couples are not psychologically prepared to handle the trauma associated with failed cycle. Unfortunately, in human reproduction, it may require more than one cycle to achieve conception. The probability of conception naturally in a super fertile couple is about 30%. The probability of conception through ART in most centers around the world is on average 30-50%.

With these figures, some will definitely need more than one cycle to achieve conception. This is the sad reality and thus adequate financial and psychological preparation should be made to avoid this becoming a distraction or obstacle to ending the journey successfully.

JOJE ABEBE ART Foundation will be there to provide the needed psychological support before, during and after the treatment program. As one who had to endure twelve years of waiting, went through nine treatment cycles within a six year period, I fully understand the pain and heartache that follows a failed cycle, talk less of multiple failed cycles.

These tough times definitely require the strength and grace of God to go through. I have no doubt in my heart that with the help of God and the support and encouragement of like minds, you will definitely end your journey to parenthood successfully. God bless you and bring to pass speedily your dream and heart desire.


"We at the JOJE ABEBE ART Foundation, are looking forward to your baby/babies dedication in JESUS NAME"


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