We got married on the 22nd of June, 2002. Like every other couple, we had high expectation of being fertile. We therefore decided to wait for one year before trying to make babies. Our first year of trying passed by without my wife conceiving. We kept hoping she will conceive the following months but this went on without any luck.

        In the third year of our marriage, we went for medical checkup and after running some tests; investigations revealed few challenges were responsible for the delay. In the sixth year of our marriage, we relocated to Abuja and same year commenced fertility treatment. We had our first IVF treatment on the 28th of August, 2008. We were very optimistic of a positive outcome, but the treatment was unsuccessful as the pregnancy test result was negative. We were very disappointed but didn’t lose hope. We had an unsuccessful second and third attempt at IVF in April and June of 2010 respectively but we were not deterred as we kept praying and trusting God for a miracle.

       We had the fourth attempt in September, 2010. This time, the treatment was successful and we were very excited at the prospect of becoming joyful parent. Nothing prepared us for what followed. On the 12th of October, 2010, my wife had her first transvaginal scan done and it showed the pregnancy was not progressing. Subsequently, she had an evacuation and this experience dashed our hopes. By this time, we began to grow weary, but got encouraged by God’s word.

We had three more attempts at IVF in April, September and December of 2011 respectively but the treatments were unsuccessful. In retrospect, God’s grace preserved our joy and saw us through that period of our lives. We got constantly reassured from God’s word and held on to them. For more than a year, we did nothing regarding treatment. We just held on to God for his mercies.

       We had our eighth attempt at IVF on the 2nd of April, 2013 which was still unsuccessful. We were again heartbroken but turned to God for succor. We knew we were too close to our victory than to give up and God was too faithful to fail.  With so much faith in our hearts and confidence in God, we went for our ninth attempt on the 24th of May, 2014. Just before the 9th attempt, I remember making a vow to God, that if he blesses us with children, I would spend the rest of my life using my knowledge and skills by God’s grace to make it happen for others. At about the same time, my wife had caught some light after reading the book “The Authority of the Believer” by Kenneth E. Hagin of blessed memory. Her faith in God was greatly boosted by that book and she started exercising spiritual authority over the devil and all negative circumstances.

     This time, the pregnancy test result was positive. I recall the night my wife woke me up exclaiming “It is positive! It is positive!” Our joy knew no bounds. Two weeks after confirming pregnancy, she had her first transvaginal scan which showed two gestational sacs with good cardiac activity. It was a glorious day. Finally, God had come true for us. The pregnancy was doing well.

God sustained the pregnancy all through to delivery. On the 16th of January, 2015, to the glory of God, our two beautiful bundles of joy came forth; Joshua and Jemimah ending twelve years of waiting and six years of fertility treatment.

      This is the testimony of how we persisted  against all odds and overcame the monster called INFERTILITY. God indeed is faithful. He promised and definitely delivered at the right time. To Him be all the Glory and Adoration.



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