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JOJE ABEBE ART Foundation is a non-profitable organization with a vision to make fertility treatment accessible and affordable. The mission of the foundation is to provide affordable ART services through discounted ART services in collaborating with JOJE ABEBE Fertility Center, through financial grants from the foundation.

The fertility treatment will include IVF, ICSI, Oocyte, Sperm and Embryo donation programs.

The process of applying for a grant starts with downloading the application form from the website and filling it. Once that is done, the next step is to visit JOJE ABEBE Fertility Center for registration and comprehensive fertility evaluation, which include fertility investigation. The type of fertility treatment and the cost will be determined by JOJE ABEBE Fertility Center.

The above step is needed because part of the requirement needed to process the application is a detailed medical report from the fertility center stating details of treatment to be given and the cost.

The financial grant will cover part of the cost of treatment, up to 50%.

The information provided on the form should include the personal financial state of the couple. For example, information concerning occupation, type of job or business and monthly income or salary, any savings or anticipated savings etc.

Once the medical report from the fertility center is received and the application form submitted, the applications are reviewed by a committee and the successful applicants will be notified by email or SMS.

The number of successful applicants will be subject to available funds. Unfortunately, not all applicants will be successful.

Application for financial grants will occur quarterly, i.e. four times a year, one in each quarter. Deadline for submission for each quarter is as follows:

1st Quarter - 28th February

2nd Quarter – 31st May

3rd Quarter – 31st August

4th Quarter – 30th November

Successful applications will be known two weeks after the deadline for submission.

The financial grant will expire after 3 months if not used. The Grant will be paid directly to JOJE ABEBE Fertility Center where treatment will be sought.

Unsuccessful applicants are free to apply again, when the opportunity presents itself.

Successful applicants may not be allowed to apply again if their treatment program was not successful.

Applications received after the deadline will not be processed.

No application fee is being charged at the moment.

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