1. What does the foundation do?

The foundation was established to make fertility treatment both accessible and affordable. The foundation provides financial grants that cover up to 50% of the cost of fertility treatment. The foundation is also involved in organizing educational programs centered on fertility treatment through “the journey to parenthood summit”


2. How can I apply for the Grant?

You can apply for the grant by visiting our website, click on application for Grant. Read through the process and then download the application form. Fill the application and together with other requirement mail to the foundation, or bring it in person to the office.


3. Who qualifies for a Grant?

Any couple trying to achieve conception, but has financial challenges.


4. How often will the Grant be offered?

The grant is offered four times a year, one in each quarter. See website for deadline dates.


5. Will the money be given to me?

No. The grant will be paid directly to JOJE ABEBE Fertility Center, the center providing the treatment.


6. Must I visit JOJE ABEBE Fertility Center before submitting my application for Grant to the foundation?

Yes. Your medical report stating the treatment plan and the cost will come from JOJE ABEBE Fertility Center. For the Center to be able to write this report, a fertility evaluation, including investigation must be carried out.


7. What specific fertility treatment does the grant cover?

The grant covers fertility treatment like IVF, ICSI, sperm, oocyte and embryo donation programs.


8. What is the maximum amount that can be given in grant?

It is up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost of treatment, excluding investigation, but inclusive of medications.


9. How soon should the grant be used?

The grant must be utilized within 3 months or it will be withdrawn.


10. Can an infertile couple with a child already apply for the grant?

Yes, but preference will be given first to those without a previous pregnancy or child.


11. How long after the deadline for submission will I get a response?

After four weeks of submission, you will get a response via email on the status of your application, whether it was successful or not.


12. Who determines the amount and the number of grants to be awarded?

This is purely subject to availability of funds and the number applying for the grant.


13. Can I apply more than once?

If your first application is not successful, you can apply again. If you were successful and got a grant for a treatment cycle; if the treatment cycle was not successful, you can’t apply again until otherwise stated.


14. Is there anything that increases your chance of getting a grant?

A longer duration of infertility, no previous pregnancy or delivery and a significant contribution toward your treatment.


15. Can I choose another fertility clinic to carry out my treatment?

No, treatment can only be carried out at JOJE ABEBE Fertility Center


16. Who determines a successful Applicant?

A committee is set up to review the applications and determine who can be helped at this time.


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