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Knowledge is power. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6. After finance, the second most important factor limiting infertile couples is “ignorance”. There is lack of knowledge of treatment options available to overcome infertility.

Many are yet to have the first consultation with a specialist, carry out fertility investigation to identify the cause, after many years of infertility. A problem whose cause is known is half solved. A lot are not aware of the current treatment options available to treat infertility

The “Journey to Parenthood Summit” is a program that educates couples about the management modalities available to overcome infertility, and provides knowledge about human reproduction.

At “the journey to parenthood summit”, you will be taken through the process of assisted reproductive technology (ART), ensuring proper understanding. The different ART programs will be taught and the treatment modalities properly understood.

Attending “the journey to parenthood summit” is a must for every couple faced with the challenge of infertility. Come and be empowered to overcome infertility.


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